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Crazy, nutty reunion pics

In 1984.....
Trivial Pursuit revived the board-game industry. The first infomercials appear on TV due to deregulation by the FCC.

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Spruce Creek 1984 - 30 Year Reunion

Spruce Creek Class of 1984 Vault

An eclectic collection of photos, trinkets, documents, buttons and other random treasure from deep within the Class of 1984 Vault! To view an enlarged image or read a document (if it is a pdf), just click on the item.

Many thanks to our contributors: Sandra Wood Shaw, Mary Holladay Naugle, Lorisa Roberts Hilburn, and Bobby Pinter. If anyone would like to contribute from their own vault, email the items to

From the category "You Mean Someone Actually Kept This Stuff?!!"

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Previous Reunions

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30 Year Reunion Fingerprint Poster!
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10 Year Reunion Video

Video footage from our 10 Year Reunion in 1994. The 80's may be gone but apparently big hair and mullets still survived into the 90's!

First Night

(4 min 54 sec)

2nd Night Start

(2 min 34 sec)


(2 min 27 sec)

Song Dedication

(4 min 42 sec)


(7 min 42 sec)

After Dinner

(4 min 28 sec)

Sunday at the Beach

(9 min 18 sec)

Sunday Volleyball

(2 min 41 sec)

Commencement, Last Will & Testament, and More....

When We Were Much Much Younger....

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